Artist Spotlight: Eustache Usabimana

Eustache Usabimana is a Rwandan contemporary artist. From a very young age fascinated and deep love with arts, he has always believed that one day he will become artist. Eustache’s admission to Rwanda’s Nyundo School of Art shaped his dream of becoming an artist. In 2018 he joined Indiba Art Space studio and further developed his own unique artistic style. His inspiration comes from immediate surroundings, "in this gifted life every little things is a source of inspiration", he think that art has no limitations and he sometime uses surreal art to express his ideas through works on canvas, sculpture, public murals and he believes in the healing power of art.
We recently asked Eustache to share his hopes, dreams, and creative inspirations. 
What is the best thing about being an artist?
"Being an artist is good for my life as it give me peace doing what I truly love and being able to Express myself through my piece and at same time being able to learn and grow endlessly gives me great pleasure. I'm surrounded by inspiration at all times and I love to feel of it."
What is your dream project?
"My dream project is to find the university of art abroad for the reason that in my country there no university of art this will help me to improve my skills and get degree in art, which will help me prepare to become a successful artist in many different visual art disciplines."
Where do you find creative inspiration?
"The inspiration for my creative comes from life – an encounter, a moment captured or a glimpse of something undefined. I love to Express these things into created works that speak to the heart of a viewer."
What advice would you give your younger self?
"If I had a time machine to go back and talk to my younger self, I would tell him to stop making himself small, Believe in yourself. Follow your talents. Put yourself out there no matter what."
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