High Artist Spotlight: Pudjo Asmanto

Pudjo Asmanto is a visual artist based in Semarang, Indonesia. He has known the world of art since he was a child. Because of his artistic talent, he entered college in the fine arts program at Semarang State University and graduated in 2014. His educational journey was not as smooth as he expected because he had to divide his time between working outside school to meet his educational needs and expenses. Currently, apart from working as an illustrator and as a freelancer, he is also actively participating in several art exhibitions in various cities in Indonesia. The visual style that is carried throughout his work is mostly surreal, raising personal stories and his nearest environment. In some of his works, there are also visuals with a 'naivism' style. Initially, he always focused his work on canvas media, but as time progressed, he tried to explore visuals in digital form. Pudjo in his daily life, is very quiet because he prefers to convey things visually and hopes that other people will think and understand what he means.
We recently caught up with Pudjo after High Art 2023 to learn more about his most recent inspirations:

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

I find creative ideas in quiet places.

Why do you do what you do?

Because something I do today will have benefits in the future.

What art/artist do you most identify with?

Music and Visual Art.

What themes do you pursue the most?

Love and humanity.

What role does an artist have in society?

Through works of art, an artist has the role of giving color and meaning to life.

What is your artistic outlook on life?

Life is unique, looks simple but complicated, there is always something new and challenging.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Keep practicing according to your profession. Don't stop learning and trying.

Do you listen to music while you are creating? If yes, share the song and artist that you listen to while creating art.

There You'll Be - Faith Hill, From This Moment - Shania Twain.

What's the best thing about being an artist?

An artist is considered romantic. Always patient in facing life's problems.

What is your dream project?

Create world-famous works of art. And my work can be useful for many people