High Artist Spotlight: RJ Artworks

RJ Artworks is a 33 year Old Self Taught Independent Visual Artist from Kolkata, India.  They graduated in Mechanical Engineering and love Tech, Art and Cannabis. These 3 things have shaped them as a person, and everything they've learned has been from the Internet. 
RJ Artworks' is inspired by pop culture mixed with a bit of abstract thinking. "Aztec Goddess" is their interpretation of Magic. For RJ, Magic is the power of Femininity and how it has inspired Humanity throughout history. They wanted to represent strong women from folklore and history in an environment of freedom and psychedelia, represented by Cannabis.
This is Xochiquetzal, an Aztec Goddess associated with concepts of fertility, beauty, and female sexual power, serving as a protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth, and the crafts practiced by women such as weaving and embroidery.
We recently asked RJ some questions about their inspirations:
Q: Where do you find your creative inspiration?
A: "Usually in the shower, or while watering my plants, but mostly when I'm high."
Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: "I want to explore the world with my art."
Q: What art/artist do you most identify with?
A: "I love Surrealism and Pop Art the most."
Q: What role does an artist have in society?
A: "An artist presents a new perspective to any problem in society, which may lead to innovative solutions."
Q: What is your artistic outlook on life?
A: "Life is like an abstract piece of art, and we have to continuously explore and attach new meanings to it. Life is too open ended to have rigid views and opinions."
Q: What is your dream project?
A: "To make art for social change."
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