High Artist Spotlight: Rossella Paolini

Rossella Paolini is an Italian painter and illustrator. She loves painting fairy tales, myths, legends, science fiction and sacred art. She has exhibited her works in Italy, France, Portugal, Scotland and the United States. Her style is pop surrealism and her favorite subjects to paint are fantasy women and animals.
We recently caught up with Rossella after High Art 2023 to learn more about her most recent inspirations:

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

From Nature, from books, from films, from artists and above all from my intuition!

Why do you do what you do?

It is my passion, my gift and my talent

What art/artist do you most identify with?


What themes do you pursue the most?

Mythology, fairy tales, science fiction, and sacred art

What role does an artist have in society?

Bringing beauty to the world

What is your artistic outlook on life?

Nature and the Cosmos are the most evolved artistic expression

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do it all again!

Do you listen to music while you are creating? If yes, share the song and artist that you listen to while creating art.

Depeche Mode Band Ghost Again

What's the best thing about being an artist?

Create with amazement!

What is your dream project?

Only one?​