High Artist Spotlight: Wer0ni

Wer0ni is a medical student and self-taught artist from Slovakia. Whereas some people pour their hearts into their diaries or blogs, she prefer to express herself through her paintings. By experimenting with colours and shapes, she is always trying to tell a story through her portraits. She want the viewer to feel compelled to stop and think about the story behind the picture, experience the feelings bottled up inside. The way she perceives art is undoubtedly marked with her admiration of Impressionism’s way of capturing the sunlight and movement, but other, contemporary artists come to mind as well. The process of transforming splashes of colour into a complex painting has always struck her as magical.  She has entered High Art every year since 2015, placing in the top 40 every year.

We recently asked Wer0ni to share her creative inspirations and to share how art impacts our world.

Where do you find your inspiration?
"I have always been inspired by people and stories around me, but also all different kinds of art, whether it's paintings, films or even music."

Why do you do what you do?
"To express my feelings and views, to explore what connects us with other people."

What role does an artist have in society?
"I believe that art is truly an essential part of life, we don't just rely on it but we live it. I think many people don't realise to what extent is art part of their lives, whether it's while they dress themselves in the morning, picking their favourite shirt or watching a movie or a tv show and admiring the visuals. It's not just paintings in galleries, it's something that individualises us and at the same time connects us with others, helps us find our place in society and make sense of life."

What is your dream project?
"Being able to call myself a professional artist is already a dream come true, so I would say every project where I get to create a portrait/character art!"