High Artist Spotlight WilLabana

Wifredo Labana, also known as "WilLabana," is a self-taught artist hailing from Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines. His artistic journey began at the tender age of seven, long before he could even write his name. Despite facing financial challenges, WilLabana pursued his dream and became a veteran in local and national painting competitions. He's won numerous awards and even held a solo art exhibition in 2018.While also serving as a Pastor/Church minister, WilLabana continues to create stunning art that explores themes ranging from environmental consciousness to family relations and biblical messages. His style, rooted in surrealism, is a blend of transparent cubism and visual illusions, making his works both unique and impactful. Through art and faith, WilLabana continues to inspire others and bring honor to his family and God.
We recently caught up with Will after High Art 2023 to learn more about his most recent inspirations:

Where do you find your creative inspiration?
From our Creators/God's wisdom and creations

Why do you do what you do?
Faith and Passion driven me to do things i want, To give message and hope to everyone.

What art/artist do you most identify with?
Dramatic spiritual artist

What themes do you pursue the most?
Filipino lifestyle and story

What role does an artist have in society?
To give beauty to environment and to inspire others.

What is your artistic outlook on life?
As a masterpiece of our Creator, I create art piece as an expression of life experiences and visions.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Be wise as a serpent but humble as a dove. Love

Do you listen to music while you are creating? If yes, share the song and artist that you listen to while creating art.
Nothing Like Your Love by Hillsong United, Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong Worship

What's the best thing about being an artist?
Having privilege to show the greatness of our Creator's masterpiece through art.

What is your dream project?
Second solo show with the title "POIEMA": It's a Greek word that means "Masterpiece." It will showcase different stories of life, proving that we are all masterpieces created by God.